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Junior Cycle Graphics

Graphics is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. In Graphics you will learn how to represent 3-D objects on paper and on software on the computer. You will develop problem solving and creative thinking skills through the solution of graphical problems which are transferable skills throughout life.

What will I learn in Graphics?

Throughout the course, students will explore the geometric world to gain an appreciation of the importance of graphics in the world around them. They will develop cognitive and practical skills such as graphical communication, spatial visualisation, creative problem-solving, design capabilities and modelling, both physically and through the use of computer-aided design.

Some of the things you will learn include:

• how to produce drawings using drawing equipment, freehand sketches and computers

• how to read and interpret drawings and diagrams

• how graphics relate to the design and manufacture of products.

Some of the things you may do with your teacher and your classmates are:

• produce neat drawings of everyday items

• create models of recognisable items on the computer

• use freehand sketching, colouring and shading to represent objects

• make paper/cardboard cut-outs of items and use these to model items in 3-D

• work on your own and as part of a group

• use a textbook and worksheets

• organise and maintain a folder of drawings and notes.

How is Graphics assessed?

The assessment of Graphics for the purposes of the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) will comprise of:

· Two Classroom-Based Assessments; Communicating through sketching and Graphical presentation skills

· A project (30%)

· A final 2 hour examination (70%)

A Student’s Learning Journey

1st Year:

Students develop knowledge, understanding, skills and values through engagement with learning outcomes

2nd Year

1)Students develop knowledge, understanding, skills and values through engagement with learning outcomes

2)Classroom-Based Assessment 1 (Communicating through Sketching)

3rd Year

1)Students develop knowledge, understanding, skills and values through engagement with learning outcomes

2)Classroom-Based Assessment 2 (Graphical presentation skills)

3)Project – 30%

4)Final Examination – 70%

Will Graphics have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying?

Yes, Graphics will be very helpful in the study of Wood Technology, Applied Technology and Engineering as each of these subjects require you to make drawings of the pieces you will be making. The problem solving and geometry you will learn in Graphics will prove very useful in Mathematics.

Will Graphics be very different after the Junior Cycle?

At Leaving Certificate, you will be able to study Design and Communication Graphics. In this subject:

• There will be an even greater emphasis on computer graphics and freehand sketching

• The geometry that you have learned in Junior Cycle will be further developed.

How will Graphics be useful to me?

Graphics helps you to think in a more logical and creative way. You will be able to communicate information using diagrams and sketches. You will have learned how to present information in a neat and organised fashion. This subject will be of use to you if you want to progress into career areas such as architecture, product design or engineering.

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