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Leaving Certificate Physics aims to give students an understanding of the fundamental principles of physics and their application to everyday life. It offers a general education in physics to all students, enabling them to develop an understanding of the scientific method and their ability to observe, to think logically and to communicate effectively. Science technology and society (STS) is an integral part of the syllabus so that students can be aware of the principles of the applications of physics in the everyday world.

This syllabus is for students in the senior cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Higher and Ordinary levels.

Physics Course Content

Optics / Waves

  • Light
  • Sound


  • Time
  • Space
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Acceleration.


  • Changes of state
  • Energy conversions and mathematical problems.

Electricity and Magnetism:

  • Simple Circuits
  • Gravity,
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • AC & DC currents

Atomic Physics

  • Cathode rays
  • X-rays
  • Radioactive decay
  • Nuclear fission and fusion
  • Nuclear reactors

Option sections

Particle Physics

  • A detailed study of sub atomic particles

Applied Electricity

  • A detailed study of electricity and how motors work

The Exam

100% of your mark goes for a one paper 3 hour exam but you are required to keep a record of your practical work over the two years of the course.

Section A:

Answer 3 out of 4 questions (40 marks per question) based on experimental procedures and use of results.

Section B:

  • Answer 5 out of 8 questions (56 marks per question)
  • Questions are more broad and theory based

29 2023
Leaving Cert taught classes end & supervised study shared by class teachers in rooms 2&3 if required will be provided TBC
31 2023
2nd and 5th Years exams
31 2023
First Year Sponsored Walk followed by Summer Holidays
02 2023
School closes for Summer Holidays
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